Ubisoft’s co-op shooter game Project U leaked

Ubisoft's co-op shooter game Project U leaked

Ubisoft game leaks are relatively common, and now, the first Project U gameplay has been leaked in a short video. The video doesn’t contain much gameplay, but it seems to be part of a “closed test” introduction video.

Leaked to Twitter, the video is covered in a watermark that distorts it slightly. Project U’s creative director Damien Kieken states that “U stands for Unite” and that players must unite with others to “prevail in this game.” He explains that the team has been working for several years to create something that aims to “do something a little different in the co-op shooter genre.”


Project U

First Gameplay snippets and Infos from

Ubisofts “coop” game pic.twitter.com/7P7Y5U7few

— Shaun Weber (@just4leaks2) October 12, 2022

The gameplay from the video is mostly of the world since the upcoming game is still in “very early development.” One brief clip during the video does show a player flying or gliding through the sky over the landscape.

Codename Project U is currently allowing players to register for this closed test and future gameplay tests.



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